Medical Manufacturers MedAccred Accreditation Pathway — MedMMAP

MedMMAP provides federally funded expertise and resources to help U.S. manufacturers prepare for MedAccred certification. The goal of this program is to to increase U.S. manufacturer competitiveness, grow sales, decrease industry costs, and improve patient safety.

MedMMAP’s industry experts will perform a pre-audit assessment to the MedAccred audit criteria and work with the supplier to develop a plan to address each area of need.

MedMMAP’s industry experts have the resources of the MEP National Network to help close the gaps identified in the pre-audit, all the while mentoring facility staff in the accreditation process.

NIST MEP Federal Funding Award – Creating MedMMAP


GENEDGE (Virginia’s MEP Center) received a grant from the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to assist in establishing a program to help U.S. medical device and medical instrument manufacturing facilities gain MedAccred Accreditation.


The Medical Manufacturers MedAccred Accreditation Pathway (MedMMAP) is that national program which is being led by GENEDGE, with 8 partner MEP Centers.

MedMMAP works with suppliers with a manufacturing NAICS code at facilities within the United States – including Puerto Rico – who are committed to achieving MedAccred accreditation.

National activities are currently supported out of 8 centers of excellence.


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