Success Stories

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Global Technologies

Global Technologies was the first electronics supplier to earn the MedAccred certification in 2016. Learn what they have to say about what MedAccred has meant to their business and their customers.


Aaron DeMent, Vice President of Sterilization Technologies at Sterigenics shared his perspective on the value of MedAccred Sterilization Accreditation to Sterigenics and to the medical device industry.

Success Stories

“The services offered through the MedMMAP program are one of the few resources currently available to help companies navigate through the complexity of the MedAccred accreditation process. All in all, without the assistance of the MedMMAP program, Schupan would have had a much more difficult time achieving our accreditation.”

Adam Summerfield

Schupan Quality

“This is a key accomplishment as we grow our medical business, and it couldn’t have been achieved without the teamwork and support of our entire Jasper team.”

Steve Korn

Vice President, North American Operations, Kimball Electronics

“Holding the MedAccred accreditation puts Kaysun in an elite group of injection molders that can capably and confidently serve the medical industry.”

Al Timm

Senior Business Development Engineer, Kaysun


“We highly value the needs of our OEM partners and understand the need for a single-audit criteria program that improves patient safety and ensures superior manufacturing best practices.”

Keith Bridgford

Plant Manager, Vaupell

“At Intertech, precision is our purpose. Quality is everyone’s job and we are focused on proactively illuminating the risk of having a defect. Being among the handful of plastic processors to receiving the MedAccred accreditations is a testament to our culture, commitment to innovation and laser focus on quality.”

Jim Kepler

President, Intertech Plastics

“Having MedAccred with one consistent audit program at the highest level of technical competence is very useful for Sterigenics… Almost all of the audits we face, whether it be from the FDA or Notified Bodies – those audits show that we have a quality system, but it does not really get to the heart of whether you are doing things right or not from a technical perspective.”

Aaron DeMent

Vice President of Sterilization Technologies, Sterigenics

TPI’s Quality Director Aaron Clement explained the importance of obtaining the MedAccred accreditation, stating that the team at PRI was very thorough in explaining the process and answered any questions that TPI had. The audit was more focused on the actual process of creating these components. It ensures that the company’s cleanrooms are maintained and that is has proper equipment with trained personnel. It also helps verify that the company’s toolroom and maintenance departments are in tune with production and the criteria set forth, ensuring competence of all of its staff and processes.

Aaron Clement

Quality Director, Trademark Plastics, Inc.

“It was a really collaborative experience. We worked with both parties, working together to build strong processes. I can say, if you are serious about patience safety, there is no better way than to engage with industry leaders and perform a deep dive evaluation of your processes. [MedAccred] Accrediation strengthes our quality management system and further ensures our customers that we are focused on the wellbeing of our patients.”

Jordan DeBilzan

President, QTS Medical Device Outsourcing


“We are honored to be recognized for our commitment to excellence in serving the medical device industry.”

Dan McMinn

VP of Quality, Flex

“The MedAccred Printed Circuit Board Assembly accreditation is a testament to our team’s experience, dedication and leadership in the medical technology industry, which we have served since 1979. Our passion for innovation incorporates the latest technologies for our customers while ensuring the most stringent quality and regulatory guidelines.”

Paul Tufano

President and CEO, Benchmark


TG3 Electronics was awarded their initial MedAccred Accreditation in Printed Circuit Board Assembly on April 1, 2020, in the area of Printed Circuit Board Assembly. TG3 Electronics was assisted in their preparation by the MedMMAP Process Expert Eliot Dratch, who is out of the CMTC partner center. Since 1986, TG3 Electronics has helped customers operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively by improving business performance and productivity.

TG3 Electronics

“This marks an important milestone in Hoffer Plastics’ history of earned credibility. Receiving MedAccred certification from PRI is a testament to our tradition of commitment to maintaining best-in-class status in sterile packaging. We know that in the end, customers are looking for peace of mind though product safety, quality, and consistency that a trusted, capable, ​accredited partner can bring. We are proud to be recognized as an integral part of the trust in that process.”

Alex Hoffer

Chief Revenue Officer, Hoffer Plastics

The Benefits of MedAccred Accreditation


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