The MedMMAP Program

MedMMAP is a federal grant program administered by the NIST MEP National Network and managed through the Virginia MEP Center known as GENEDGE Alliance.

Performance Review Institute (PRI), the accreditor for MedAccred, has partnered with the National MEP Network to develop critical process experts who can assist medical device and medical instrument manufacturers to efficiently and effectively prepare for MedAccred Accreditation throughout the country.  Manufacturers receive federally funded resources as part of the MedMMAP program.

In addition to providing a no-cost pre-audit assessment and gap closure assistance to manufacturers interested in pursuing MedAccred certification, there are several objectives for the MedMMAP program:

  • MEP process experts will gain Certification through training and execution of the MedAccred audit criteria and successful supplier accreditations
  • Document assistance to suppliers through successful case studies and third party surveys for future reference
  • Develop a strategy for expanding the offering and creating a permanent service for medical device and instrument manufacturers
  • MedMMAP service delivery costs are highly subsidized as manufacturers work with MedMMAP to develop the service offering

Supplier Selection

It is important that manufacturers interested in participating in MedMMAP are committed to earning the MedAccred certification.

Significant preparation, time, and resources are required so this effort must be strategic for the business and have full management support to maximize success. MedMMAP will work with suppliers who:

Are committed to achieving MedAccred accreditation at a facility in the United States demonstrated by scheduling and preparing for a formal MedAccred audit

Possess an ISO certified quality management system (ISO 13485 is not required)

Currently have or are willing to obtain a manufacturing NAICS code

Are willing to assist MedMMAP in the development of the program and contract with Performance Review Institute (PRI) to obtain the proprietary audit criteria

Commit to scheduling a MedAccred audit ($5-10K fixed fee depending on process)


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