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TG3 Supplier in the MedMMAP Program Gains MedAccred® Accreditation

TG3 Electronics (Kenosha, WI) was awarded their initial MedAccred Accreditation in Printed Circuit Board Assembly on April 1, 2020, in the area of Printed Circuit Board Assembly. TG3 Electronics was assisted in their preparation by the MedMMAP Process Expert Eliot Dratch, who is out of the CMTC partner center.

Since 1986, TG3 Electronics has helped customers operate their businesses more efficiently and effectively by improving business performance and productivity. They do this by designing, implementing, and supporting superior engineering input solutions. In medical industry, they provide solutions with standard and custom keyboards and input devices.

The MedMMAP program is currently working with suppliers around the United States in preparing for MedAccred accreditation in the critical process areas of Plastics Injection Molding and Extrusion, Welding, Heat Treat, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, and Cable and Wire Harness.

Congratulations to TG3 Electronics.


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